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Shirasaki Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Head Office
1-12, 4-chome, Shiratori,
Katsushika-ward, Tokyo
JAPAN 125-0063
Phone: +81-3 -3601-3155  Fax: +81-3 -3604-3335


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Disclosure of Personal Information
Unless any of the cases listed below applies, Shirasaki Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (hereinafter “the Company”) will not disclose or transfer the customer's personal information to any third party.
- If the customer has agreed to disclose or share his/her personal information;
- If a public organization (such as the police department, a court, etc.) has made an inquiry with us in accordance with the law;
- If there is urgent necessity for such a disclosure to protect a person from death or injury, or protect a person's property from danger;
- If a disclosure is considered necessary to protect the Company's legal rights, property, and/or services.

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