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Resin Processing

Resin Processing

We also process various resin based materials besides engineering plastics.
We are working on the development of new materials in order to meet customers’ various demands in functions and material features by arranging tie-ups with major resin material manufacturers.

By combining original processing knowledge of the materials characteristics, we are constantly improving our machining methods and products that have been said to be too difficult in other companies.

Specially Designed Injection Molding Machine with Originally Developed Dies

We use proprietary technology injection molding machines to achieve insert molding of stainless steel and resins. Our dies produce highly precise and stable, quality products for our customers according to the materials and shapes required.

We have established a production system in response to the needs of manufacturers and orders received by utilizing composite molding which has the concomitant characteristics of giving both metal durability and resin flexibility.

Integrated Production of Multiple Processes

Based on our plastics engineering technology we are able to manufacture lapping and polishing carriers on a wide range of shapes and materials. There are various uses for lapping and polishing carriers for silicon wafers used in semiconductor electrical devices, for example computers and liquid crystal televisions, but also for glasses and crystals.
Since ultra-high precision is required for this surface polishing process, high dimensional accuracy is necessary for the carriers.

All the stages of the lapping and polishing process are conducted within our company. We have built an integrated processing system for the polishing process, insert molding, washing and assembly in order to enable the manufacture of many types of carriers.